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Speaking of hospitals…

Posted on: October 3, 2010

Despite the rain here on Saturday morning, one of the girls and I decided to venture down to District 1. We wandered through the streets, made a few purchases, and stopped at Go2 for a drink, where our supervisor happened to find us. It’s so weird, in a city of over 7 million people, that we could run into one of the few people we know here.

Our time in District 1 was spent sightseeing, walking the streets and taking pictures. We also made a stop at a place serving delicious New Zealand ice cream, and then made our way to dinner. Our first choice of dining spots (courtesy of LP) was sadly closed for renovations. The backup plan was this vegetarian restaurant (also courtesy of LP), where we happened to dine with monks and other locals. We laughed at the vegetarian menu (with items such as noodles with beef and meat surprise), but soon realized that all items were in fact tofu.

People's Committee Building (Hotel de Ville)

View of the People's Committee Building from the top of the Rex Hotel

View from the top of the Rex Hotel, looking away from the People's Committee Building

What's that I see in the distance?

The Lancaster! (this is for Nanny)

Notre Dame Cathedral

The main post office beside the Notre Dame Cathedral

The main post office

I feel like we're at the circus...

...oh, we are at the circus!

Now, with all this talk of hospital stays and medical issues at home, I must have been feeling left out. I woke up this morning with a headache, fever, swollen throat and body aches. Deciding to nip this bud, I made a trip to FV Hospital – where thankfully the doctors and staff speak English. My little guy, J, had been sick last week, so I wasn’t surprised that I might have caught something from him. After an hour in the hospital, a $62USD hospital bill, a trip to the pharmacy and $10USD in medications, I’m now at home for a few days. Diagnosis – tonsillitis. Oh Vietnam, why do you hate me? I just want to be friends!

FV hospital


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