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Damn…Mr Dam’s in my head

Posted on: October 2, 2010

J, the little guy I’m working with, loves this guy’s DVD…and from the looks of it, he’s quite popular here.

Mr Dam may be popular, but he’s got nothing on The Trews! 🙂

6 Responses to "Damn…Mr Dam’s in my head"

oufffffff Im wondering what he is singing about ? :S

these are the questions that i wish i had answers for!

haha… love it -maybe you should make a street team for him? i bet it would be a hit hahaha.. jk.. hope you’re doing well!

hahahaha you think you’re funny 😛

Vietnamese music (sung by men) are always one of the following: 1) boy meets girl and falls smitten for her, 2) boy looses girl because of family disapproval or another boy and he is on verge of committing suicide, and 3) boy goes off to fight the war and contemplates he may not come back. From the video, he is always holding some flower, it’s probably #1.

ah! interesting! i’ll try to pay attention to this next time i’m watching the mr dam dvd with the little guy i work with!

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