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It’s always interesting for me to see foreign charges and exchange rates show up on my credit card. This one is for a Vietnam Airlines flight…cost me almost a million dong! Had a good laugh at the number of decimal places used in the exchange rate 🙂



The only thing getting me through the craziness of the next 30 days…of school assignments, exams, work stress, Christmas shopping and cold weather…is the thought of lying on a beach in beautiful Thailand, of playing with elephants, of motorbike tours in Vietnam, and of seeing my little man J and his family. I’m trying to remain calm, but I’m buzzing with excitement, nervousness and anticipation. I’m in the process of reconfirming flight details and hotel bookings, making final arrangements, and all the other little odds and ends that go along with a trip like this. There has been so much planning and waiting involved in this trip, and now I feel like I’m finally in the homestretch. Unreal.

My flight was originally booked to leave Toronto at 10am on Boxing Day…the airlines changed things and I now fly out at 6am, meaning I have to catch the Robert Q airbus at 1030pm on Christmas Day…not ideal, but I guess it’s all part of the fun?

Part of me is becoming more and more nervous about this trip as it approaches. Five weeks is a long time to spend with yourself…I’m sure I’ll meet people along the way, but it’s all unknown! I can’t wait to sit on the beach with a book and indulge in silence…but then I’m afraid I won’t leave my hotel room and go exploring in fear of getting lost! (Anyone who has traveled anywhere with me knows I have a crappy sense of direction!) But despite all of this, I think a bigger part of me is excited to step out of my comfort zone…to do things that are so outside of my day to day life…to rediscover myself.

Nervous or excited, the reality is that I have 30 days left in this cold country before I trade it in for sun, sand and heat, delicious cuisine and incredible experiences. Can’t wait!!

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November 2012