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The official countdown is 122 days until my trip, but there’s so much going on between now and then!

I got a new car 2 months ago now, after my old car was broken into. I’ve been working a “side job” that I’m really enjoying. I’ve signed up to take a course at uni, slowly working towards future academic goals. I’m trying to stay active and busy, and it’s causing time to really fly!

I’m slowly starting to book things for the Thailand portion of my trip. I’ve found an island to spend my first few days on, recovering from jetlag on a beach and ringing in the new year in a relaxed environment. I’ve also booked a few days at an elephant nature area in the north of Thailand. I have some ideas about how I want to spend the rest of my time, but I’m in no rush to book it all. I’m in possession of my Vietnamese visa and have an appointment at the travel clinic in a few weeks.

It’s so far away, but my plans are all coming together nicely!