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Sick day

Posted on: October 4, 2010

At home, whenever I was too sick to go to work, my day would be spent curled up in bed with my dog, Lexi, beside me. Skyping with her (yes, with a dog) doesn’t really make up for sick day snuggles, but it’s a start.


4 Responses to "Sick day"

Hope you feel better soon! Eat some of that “chicken noodle soup” stuff! Everyone here sends their love…..Take care of yourself!

thanks erin! i’ll try and call you guys this weekend! talk soon 🙂

Hi Megan
I finally made it to my own home and can catch up on my e-mails. I’m enjoying your blog. I talked with your mom yesterday and she sounded good. I think she is going home on Tues or Wed. I saw her last Tues. and she really did look good. Of course she had had 2 units of blood, but it did her a world of good. Her colour was good and she felt much better.
Uncle Frank is at work for another week and then retires again!
We missed you at his birthday party, but we managed to have a good time. Well take care. We love & miss you, but envy your adventure!!!

hi aunt monica! glad you made it back across the street! i must be nice to be home again! glad to hear mom looks better too! it’ll be great to have her back home, cuz then i can get her on skype and see for myself! say hi to everyone!

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