Adventures as Miss Saigon

Archive for January 29th, 2013

So it’s been about a week since I’ve blogged…I got caught up in HCMC with a friend from home and spending time with the family that I worked for when I lived there. Had a few days by the pool and have so many good stories to tell.

Unfortunately, there’s also a not so good story to tell, that made me decide to end my trip a few days early. But for now, I’m just gonna say that everyone is safe and in one piece, and I have just arrived back in Toronto.

In a few hours, I’ll be back in London, and I’m so excited to see my family, friends and furbaby! But all in good time…first, I need a shower and a good night’s sleep!

Thailand…Vietnam…5 weeks solo travel, many friends made and visited along the way, thousands of pictures taken…it’s been an amazing trip!!