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I’ve been sitting in airports and on airplanes for most of the day, not connected with the world due to lack of wifi. (This won’t be posted until later due to this lack of wifi.) This has given me an enormous amount of time to read and think.

This trip has been so incredible. As soon as one amazing thing ends, another is about to begin. I’m sad to say goodbye to Thailand, but so overcome with emotion (I’m fighting back happy tears!) that I get to see my little man, J, and his family tomorrow and over the next few weeks. Initially, I had so many places I wanted to visit or revisit in Vietnam, but every time J’s dad would post new pictures of my little guy on Facebook, I would cross a city off my list to be able to spend more time with him. Needless to say, I’m now spending most of my 2.5 weeks in Ho Chi Minh City to spend as much time with J as possible.

Also exciting is that my path will cross with my friend and former coworker, Natasha. We get to hang out in HCMC during my last week in Asia, and before she begins the next phase of her life in Australia!

So excited for the next 2.5 weeks! (And part of me is also excited about coming home…I really do miss my family, friends and furbaby!)


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January 2013