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Laundry and lazy days

Posted on: January 8, 2013

Picked up my laundry last night, and I swear, even my underwear has been pressed! Everything has a small pink string sewn into it, to keep it all together…amazing!

After temples yesterday, we stopped for amazing hour long foot massages. So relaxing!

I was just going to have a lazy day today, but due to some last minute changes, I’ve signed up for a cooking class tonight instead of the one I was supposed to do on Sunday. And then tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m off to spend 3 days with the elephants!!!

Stay tuned…


3 Responses to "Laundry and lazy days"

Sounds even better than the job they did on my clothes in C. and S. America earlier this year. Grin. I’ll be in Thailand in about a month and a half (first going to New Zealand and Australia, as part of a round the world trip). Great post!

Sounds like an awesome trip!! Definitely make your way up north…I love it up here!!

A friend of mine, who is an American business professor at a Vietnam university, is familiar with much of the SE Asia area – will meet me in Bangkok when I arrive. From reading your blog, this sounds like the 2nd visit to SE Asia for you????

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