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I am truly in love with Chiang Mai. I met up with my new American friend, Jake, for lunch and an afternoon of temples. There’s so many temples in this town!! After about 4 or 5 hours of walking around, we stopped for beers and a delicious Indian food dinner…so good! Our plans are to meet up tomorrow and check out this temple outside of town, up on a mountain!20130107-220834.jpg20130107-220917.jpg
Leap of faith! 20130107-220950.jpg
Temple details. 20130107-221011.jpg20130107-221120.jpg20130107-221127.jpg
Words to live by.



After another wild night in BKK, I got up fairly early to head to the airport. After a bit of a shaky start (a taxi driver who didn’t want to put the meter on…my bags were already in the trunk so I had to negotiate), the day got better from there!

I met a guy on the plane from LA, who I’ll hopefully be meeting up with shortly to go check out some temples and got to my hotel no problem. The hotel is lovely (and I’m only paying $12/night) and this town is so relaxing compared to BKK!

After checking in, I headed out to the Sunday walking market to do a bit of shopping. Oddly enough in the middle of all the craziness, I ran into a girl from the hostel in BKK! We ended up having the most amazing night…shopping, eating for cheap, talking, drinking and eating bugs!!

I slept in big time this morning and am just waiting for my new American friend to head for lunch and some sightseeing!