Adventures as Miss Saigon

Epic night in Bangkok

Posted on: January 5, 2013

Last night, a bunch of people from my hostel and I were going to head to a Muay Thai fight. Ring side tickets were 2000B (about $70usd) so it was a bit of a stretch on the budget to begin with. When we found out that it was a big fight and tickets were in fact 3000B (approx $100usd), we had to say no.

Instead, we went for a cheap Pad Thai dinner (45B or $1.50usd) and ended up having beers and playing Jenga in the hostel. Jenga got quite intense, and must have had 6 guys playing at one time, with a dangerous outcome for the loser.

Later on, Ron, who runs the hostel, offered to take our now large group to a Thai bar for music and drinks. The boys all got in taxis and I jumped on the back of Ron’s motorbike. What started as a quiet night in turned into an amazing night out. I’ve met so many great people at this hostel, that it really hasn’t seemed like I am traveling alone at all!

Needless to say, getting in at 3am after drinking a bit too much, meant I wasn’t very lively this morning. I decided not to go shopping at the weekend market, as I might try again tonight to go see a Muay Thai fight and I need to make sure my money lasts! I also have no space in my backpack to put any purchases.

Instead, I had a cheap lunch (Pad Thai and a spring roll for 30B or $1usd), a coconut at a street stall, and coffee with one of the guys I met last night. I’m just going to hang out and relax in the sunshine this afternoon and see what happens tonight!





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