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I met a girl in my hostel when I checked in and tagged along to dinner with her and a bunch of other friends that she has met along the way. Dinner was great and it was nice to have some company here! We’re out on Khao San Rd, which is the backpackers area. Most of the group has gone to see a ping pong show (google it if you’re not familiar!) but that was one of the things I’ve already done in Bangkok! Not an experience I needed to relive…so one of the girls and I are out in search of mani pedis…at 11pm! Won’t be too hard to find in this town!

It’s amazing how this area hasn’t changed in the almost 2 years it’s been since I’ve been here! I think the same woman is making Pad Thai on the street from 2 years ago!

Not sure what is in the cards for tomorrow…maybe a sleep in, depending on how late this night goes!


Traffic in this massive city is quite amazing. I made it back to Ekamai bus station and got in a taxi (where I am currently typing from). My backpack is in the trunk, which is closed with a bungee cord. Instead of using his turn signals and checking his blind spots, the driver drifts back and forth from lane to lane tapping his horn. And now we’ve just stopped in traffic and he has gotten out of the car to smoke. Hilarious!

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January 2013