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Posted on: December 31, 2012

I am sitting at the restaurant at my hotel. The waves are crashing against the shore by my feet and every few min I get splashed a little. The breeze is cool and the air is fresh. I spent the morning at the beach and on my way back to the hotel for my siesta, I stopped at a cute (and expensive) coffee shop. I sat at a pale green colored ice cream table and chair set, read my book and people watched. It’s a bit cloudy today, so I’m not sure if I will go back to the beach this afternoon, like I had hoped. Regardless, I am enjoying my island vacation to its fullest extent. I wish I could share this feeling of complete relaxation with you. It’s magical not having to worry about what time it is or where you need to be. I’m enjoying this life of leisure. Although I think at times it’s a bit lonely, which is why I’ve been blogging a fair bit…whether to share a picture or a thought, I am seeking out the need to connect.

Tonight, New Year’s Eve in Thailand, I think I will sit on my balcony at the hotel, have a few beers that I bought at one of the four 7-11s I have seen on this tiny island, read and reflect on this past year. It’s been a crazy year, and I’m very much looking forward to what surprises 2013 has in store.

To all my friends and family back home, I miss you and love you all. Happy new year!!!!


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