Adventures as Miss Saigon

Finally! Bangkok!

Posted on: December 29, 2012

It’s almost 3am Bangkok time and I’ve finally arrived! (This won’t be posted till much later, along with my post from Beijing, as I can’t access wifi yet.)

I’m sitting in the airport exhausted, smelly and slightly confused on how I’m going to get to my beach destination. When I asked at a desk about the airport express bus to the bus station, I was told it closed. Now…by “closed”, does it mean it just isn’t open right now? (That’s what I’m hoping is the case, as I wasn’t expecting it to open until 5am.) Or does it mean that it shut down for good and I really should take the $20 taxi from the airport to the bus station? Or is this my first “welcome to Asia scam” in which they try to tell you something is closed so you will spend more money and go someplace else?

My current plan of attack is to just hang tight till 5am. I’ve already checked out my guide book to look at other options, and I think it’s going to be ok.

As a side note, my bag surprisingly arrive in Thailand with me! After all of the delays and rerouting and extra flights, etc, I think I had mentally prepared myself to live without it for at least a few more days. But it’s here! Although it had clearly been searched and not put back together (as I had to pick up a tshirt off the bag carousel), things might be missing, but I won’t know until I unpack at the hotel.

I cannot wait to get to the beach…to relax, shower and change my clothes!

Stay tuned…


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