Adventures as Miss Saigon


Posted on: December 27, 2012

After a massive delay in Washington (first due to weather, then deicing, then a medical emergency onboard, then having to change crews), we landed in Tokyo 7 hours late. I missed my connecting flight to Bangkok and will now arrive in Bangkok just over 24 hours than planned.

The flight crew on my United flight were amazing. Six of the flight attendants stayed even after our flight was so delayed (and they were clearly over their hours), making sure that our flight was not canceled.

So here I am, overnighted in an itty bitty hotel room in Tokyo. I’m not stressed…I’m on vacation! The pros are that I got to shower, got a Japanese visa in my passport and made some new friends during this epic journey. The cons are 2 more flights (Japan to Beijing, Beijing to Bangkok) and missing a day at the beach…but I’ll get there!!

My family has been super contacting my first hotel in Thailand to tell them I’ll be arriving late and getting me thru this craziness! Thanks guys 🙂

Here’s my itty bitty taste of Japan… (No sushi yet.)





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