Adventures as Miss Saigon

The bump in the road

Posted on: December 7, 2012

If I’ve talked to you this week, you’ve surely heard my latest travel frustrations. My first flight from Toronto to Washington was moved 4 hours ahead, which has thrown everything off. Because it’s Christmas, the airbuses are booked solid, so I’m having to leave home over 9 hours prior to my flight. And I don’t arrive in Thailand any earlier…so my last sleep in my own bed is the night of December 24th, and my next sleep in a bed is the night of December 28th. Good thing I have almost a week on the beach in Thailand to chill out! Can’t wait!

Other than adding some extra time to my already long trip, everything else is going along smoothly. Plans and accommodations are being confirmed, my backpack is sitting waiting to be packed, and I have even had the exciting news that I’ll be able to meet up with one of my friends/coworkers while in Vietnam!

20 days…!!


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