Adventures as Miss Saigon

Blue Mountains with the Royal Couple

Posted on: April 28, 2011

I met up with Will yesterday after getting into Sydney. We grabbed a coffee and caught up on what’s been going on for the last few months since we’d seen each other in Vietnam. Will then took me for a drive, a walk through the bush and for my first glimpse of the Blue Mountains, before heading back to his for a shower and change of clothes…I did not pack the appropriate clothing for autumn in Australia! This was mostly due to not having warm clothes in Vietnam, but also because I am in denial about the chilly temperature!

Later on last night, we met up with Will’s girlfriend, Katie, who I’d also met in Cambodia. We headed out for dinner with two of Will’s sisters and for drinks and Wii bowling afterwards. I love hanging out with Aussies…it’s great to be around people who share my sense of humour!

I started to nod off I’m the car on the way back to Will’s, and was luckily encouraged to sleep in this morning. I fell asleep in the most comfortable, cushy beds I’ve slept in since I left Canada and woke up to a dark, damp rainy day. After a late start, Katie and Will took me on a more in depth tour of the Blue Mountains…the area was stunning and I can’t wait to upload my pictures! It was so quiet and peaceful, and I loved being able to breathe in all the fresh air…such a change from HCMC!

Katie, who’s a vegetarian, strongly encouraged me to try kangaroo when we stopped for a bite to eat…so I did! I guess there’s not much that I won’t try now. And it was actually really good!

Tonight, I’ve met up with my second cousin, Aisling and her boyfriend, Alfred, who I’m staying with for the rest of my time in Sydney. I don’t think I’ve fully realized where in the world I am…and I don’t think that will hit me until I’m face to face with the iconic Sydney Opera House tomorrow…can’t wait!


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