Adventures as Miss Saigon

Really? Again?

Posted on: April 4, 2011

I’m having a rough day.

Is homesickness still possible when you’re on the verge of returning home? So close, but so far away still…

There are many factors that could be playing a role in the way I’m feeling, but May 10th seems so far…trying to keep it together…


4 Responses to "Really? Again?"

hi megan sounds as though you are really ready to go home
sorry you feel so homesick, sometimes you have to be away from there to really apreciate how much miss family & friends just try and enjoy the rest of the time there and comprehend how much you have achieved and the wonderfull memories you will take with you . take care jean xxx ps i think its time you came to england xxxx

hi jean! i was having a rough day, but thankfully it passed…i’m really getting close to going home now…4 weeks! just got home from a wonderful long weekend in bali, so i’m on a travel high! can’t wait to go to australia now…that’s only 2 weeks away! and yes, i agree, time to come to england! soon 😀 maybe you should come back to canada??

megan, i have really forgotten which part of the world you now find yourself in as i have lost track ,but i am sure you have some great stories to tell just think when you are married with kids , they will be saying oh no not that story again ha ha , enjoy every minuite and look foreward not back and concentrate on your next big adventure.
keep safe and love as always jean xxxx

Thanks Jean! I’m in Australia right now, but head home soon…busy and exciting times! Hope things are well!

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