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Updates on my motorbike man

Posted on: April 2, 2011

After another week of riding around town on the back of Cal’s bike, we seem to have bonded even more. He’s been dropping me off at my apartment door now, and even ended one night with a high five! I think my mom would approve of him…he doesn’t idle when we’re sitting at long stop lights (stopping is actually rare in this city, but if anyone knows my mom, you’ll understand the anti-idling appreciation!), he waits patiently on his bike for me to finish work, and he’s all over using his arm to signal turns and honking to clear our path. He’s even started pointing out sights along our drive…a big truck driving the wrong way in traffic, a woman who’d fallen off her motorbike, and Saigon Square (a shopping center downtown).

I also had my first real Vietnamese threesome last week. Laura, my friend and supervisor, came to see me at my evening client’s house. She had her motorbike guy drop her off, assuming we’d get a taxi home together. I had forgotten and asked Cal to come back for me. When Laura and I walked out of the house, Cal quickly offered to drive both of us home on his bike. It was quite the cozy ride, and I was sore in places I hadn’t anticipated, but we made it home safe and sound!

Oh, Cal… ❤


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