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Bangkok, baby, Bangkok!

Posted on: April 1, 2011

Our Bangkok trip was a big deal. I was looking forward to spending the weekend in Bangkok more than any of our other recent trips. Wendy, Laura and I had originally planned to go to Thailand in October, but due to the political situation there at the time, we decided to postpone our trip. Finally, March 18th saw us flying there for the weekend!

Laura and I had taken the Friday afternoon off work in order to make our slightly earlier than usual flight, so we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of running errands downtown and lounging in coffee shops. It was great to spend some extra time with Laura, and was a wonderful way to start the weekend! We met Wendy at the airport and checked in for our flight. After an easy ride on Bangkok’s mass transit system, we got a little turned around trying to find our guesthouse. A friendly tuk tuk taxi driver stopped, kicked his friends out of the tuk tuk and took us straight to our destination, The Train Inn. Our “blue bird” themed room, home to bunk beds with the hardest mattresses that I’ve ever slept on, was cozy, but really all we needed. We put our bags down and headed out in search of our first Thai dinner.

We barely made it out the door of our guesthouse before we were engaged in conversation with a few women who were sitting next door. They were in the process of opening a store/restaurant, and only had alcohol to sell us (water was arriving the next day), but the lovely ladies ordered us Thai food from the nearby karaoke bar and had it delivered to their “not yet open” shop. Seafood fried rice and spicy Tom Yum Goong soup (and Bacardi breezers…what!) were a great way to start our Bangkok weekend.

The next morning, we woke up early and took a tuk tuk taxi to the Grand Palace, a shiny, grand, massive palace area that none of us were dressed appropriately for. We were forced to rent collard shirts and wrap skirts before we could enter the Palace. The Grand Palace was established in 1782 and consists of the royal residence and throne halls, a number of government offices, and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

at the grand palace

at the grand palace

shiny grand palace


grand palace

rockin the rented clothes at the grand palace

After breakfast, we took a tuk tuk taxi to Chinatown and walked through the shopping areas. Most of the places in Chinatown were wholesale stores, offering discounts on multiple buys. And most of the things that were for sale were the types of things you’d find in dollar stores back home. The whole experience was chaotic and crazy! In pursuit of more shopping, we hopped in another tuk tuk taxi and headed to a massive weekend market, where you could find anything and get lost easily (as I almost did when I briefly stopped to look at something and lost track of the girls).



snout spotted in chinatown

With dinner time drawing closer, we took yet another tuk tuk taxi (my favourite mode of transportation) to the backpacker’s area where we wandered the street, shopped, and finally settled at a restaurant with a good view of the street. Thai food and a bucket of Thai beers (for Wendy and I) and the night was off to a very good start. We continued drinking, shopping and talking before deciding that we would end our night in a very typical Thai tourist way. But before heading out of the backpacker’s area, I had to stop for street Pad Thai. For less than $1usd, I had the most delicious Pad Thai I’ve ever consumed! (And this is where I’ll end my story for the night…)

bucket o'beers in bangkok...officially my last bucket in asia!

street pad trip to thailand is complete!

Our flight was leaving mid afternoon on Sunday, so we didn’t have a whole lot of time left in the city. We enjoyed a relaxing breakfast and headed to a massive mall for our last few hours in Bangkok. This was my last trip with Wendy and Laura, and it was definitely a memorable way to end our travels together.


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