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A weekend in the city

Posted on: March 13, 2011

I’m heading into my Sunday evening here, and I’ve had a fabulous weekend in HCMC. Friday night right after work I headed to a new hair salon to get my hair done. I’ve had some trouble finding a hair dresser here who knows how to colour Western hair. The two times that I’ve been to the salon, I’ve left with roots a different colour than the ends. Thankfully, I’ve found Jimmy Le! Wendy went to get her hair done by him earlier this week, and he did a really great job, so I decided to give him a go. Jimmy didn’t understand why I was so excited to have “same same” hair colour! His confused response was “it’s just brown”…haha…oh Jimmy Le! So after 2.5 hours at the salon, a cut, colour, blowdry, massage, and facial (all for under $40usd), I left a happy girl.

After a relaxing start to my weekend, I met up with Laura and Wendy for what seems to be our standard Friday night sushi dinner. Delicious food, great company and conversation. Coming home, I got started on a bottle of red wine and caught up with friends on Skype. (Sorry for the mid Friday morning drunk dials, friends!)

I spent part of my Saturday morning sitting in the sunshine by the pool, trying to ignore the sweat dripping from my nose (there didn’t seem to be a breeze in HCMC!) and my throbbing head. I did some cleaning and organizing at my apartment, and had an impromptu afternoon trip downtown with Wendy. Our initial plan was to get a beer, do some people watching and have dinner before heading home at a decent time. Well, as it seems to happen, one beer turns into two, delicious food was consumed (with another beer or two) and we began pub hopping. Before we knew it, it was 11pm and we were on our way to Apocalypse Now, one of the older and apparently “must-see” clubs here (Lonely Planet’s words, not mine). LP also says “the music is thumping and it’s apocalyptically rowdy”. Needless to say it was quite the experience! After paying our 150,000vnd cover (a whopping $7.50usd), and grabbing our “free” beer, we headed to the dance floor. Before long, I was dancing with a guy from India who was flying out the next day and “wanted to make the most of his last night in HCMC” (his words, not mine). Wendy and I made a quick trip to the bathroom and decided to bolt without saying goodbye to our dance partners. We wanted to end our night on a high note (and alone), and going back to the dance floor would have been messy. ‘Apo’ can now be checked off my HCMC to-do list.

This morning, I had a bit of a sleep in, and was woken by my phone ringing. My college friend, Jenn’s fiance’s aunt and uncle arrived in HCMC last night and we’re planning to meet for dinner downtown next week while they are in town. Dragging myself out of bed, I quickly showered and headed to a nearby cafe where I was joined by Wendy and Laura for a quick ca phe sua da, before they headed on their ways, and I stayed to do some blogging. It’s been a great, productive, relaxing, entertaining weekend, and I’m ready to start the work week! It’s gonna be a busy one!


2 Responses to "A weekend in the city"

Jimmy Le was my favorite hairdresser when I used to live in HCM a year ago. Now I’m back and I know he’s moved but I don’t know where. Can you tell me the address of his salon?

hey! he’s in phu my hung…the address is apparently S D 4-2 grand view A above illy cafe. let me know if you need more info! 🙂

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