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When it’s least expected

Posted on: January 24, 2011

Homesickness is back.

e.t. phone home

Unexpected, unexplained and unwelcome.

This time around, I’m feeling hollow and deflated, combined with intense waves of nausea. Maybe the cloudy day is taking it’s toll…maybe I didn’t get enough sleep last night…maybe I’m just about to come down with a cold or something. Maybe I just miss home.

Thankfully, I’m only days away from a week off and our second Cambodia trip. I’m trying to stay focused on the great things that are coming up, but my mind is stuck in a sad nostalgic state. I don’t want to wish this adventure away, but I wish September was a little closer. I desperately need to get over the “6 month hump”.


4 Responses to "When it’s least expected"

You are just missing me too much 😉 xx

oooo no don’t be homesick! it’s cold and snowy and miserable here – enjoy the sun while you can! sooooo jealous! hope you’re feeling a bit better and getting all pumped for your trip to cambodia. could do a call on friday if it works for you but if not we can debrief after your trip!

thanks tara! i’m feeling a bit better as the week goes on 🙂 i think there’s a combination of things going on with me this week…but now i’m getting really excited to go back to cambodia! will try and call you saturday morning my time (your friday night)…and if i dont catch you, we get back to hcmc on wednesday night, and i’m off work the rest of the week, so i’m sure we’ll catch up! miss you!

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