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The spitting image

Posted on: November 23, 2010

I met my mother in the elevator of my apartment yesterday…let me clarify…if my mom were to brave the heat, humidity, and ridiculously long plane ride and come to Vietnam, she would be the twin to the woman I met in the elevator yesterday (also assuming that once here, my mom would leave the air conditioned apartment…not likely).

Running late to get to work yesterday afternoon, I jumped onto the elevator when the doors opened at my floor. Already in the elevator was a woman with red cheeks, and sweat dripping from her face. She was so flustered that she couldn’t even form complete sentences. Our conversation went something like this…

Woman: “Where do I…my daughter said…how do I…so hot in this country…not this floor…there’s stairs…where are the…so hot…outside.”

Me: speechless, trying to figure out if she’s speaking English or Vietnamese.

Eventually, I pointed her in the direction of the great, hot outdoors, and this encounter left a smile on my face for the rest of the afternoon!

In other news…did some exploring on Saturday. Went to the Fine Arts Museum, did some shopping in D1, met up with Wendy and went to the War Remnants Museum (incredibly eye opening…images will haunt me for life…had to walk away from the photo displays on several occasions as I felt like I had been punched in the stomach…check out Wendy’s blog for a great description and some photos from the War Remnants Museum).

Update from Canada…my sister was in a car accident last night. Thankfully she’s smart and has amazing reflexes and was able to minimize the damage that was likely as a car ran a red light, headed straight for her. She’s in one piece, off to the chiropractor, and waiting to hear what the next step is. I’m sitting here wondering when enough is enough and when my breaking point will come, causing me to get on the next plane headed towards home. I need my family to be in one piece when I get home…


3 Responses to "The spitting image"

Hi Megan. We missed you at Nan’s party but it was great hearing from you. The chop sticks were great!!! The kids enjoyed their gifts. Mitchell is convinced he can buy a building with the Vietnamese Dong that you sent him. He feels pretty rich.
Nan was pleased with her new TV. It pretty much fills her cabinet.
Carly seems fine after her MVA. I’m sure she will be glad to get Dec. 1 over with. Your mom is looking good. So much more relaxed than when she was having to have 2 dressing changes/day and using the vacuum type dressings. Uncle Frank got his first pension cheque the other day. That is kinda a milestone. He is busy helping his cousin build an addition to their house. Jer is fine. We are hoping to get his room painted before Christmas. We bought him a new TV for Christmas, also we bought a Robert Bateman print at the art auction. Well I must run. I have a bunch of errands today. Take care. Love ya!!
Aunt Monica

it was great to still be a small part of nanny’s party! i felt like it was the most efficient mingling job ever! talked to mom a little while ago, and she said mitchell was pretty amazed at being “rich”! love it 🙂 thanks for all the updates! glad to hear everyone is keeping out of trouble! talk soon!

hi monica , hope you dont mind me reading messages
its really quite amazing what can be done on a computer
glad to hear you are all well ,and had a good party, things not bad here just wish i could feel better some days xxx love to all jean xxxx

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