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Friday night fun

Posted on: November 19, 2010

This post should likely wait until morning for a variety of reasons, but oh well!

Last Friday saw Wendy and I hiding in the back of a bar in Hanoi. Tonight, we indulged in a bottle of wine and hit the town (well, our neck of the woods anyways). A delicious dinner, followed by some drinks in the Banana Bar (which, funnily enough didn’t have bananas for the banana daiquiri that I tried to order). A round of drinks on the house (due to it being Teacher’s day in Vietnam, and Wendy and I being “teachers”), Wendy being promised free Domino’s pizza for life (or at least one free delivery), and some wild dancing were the essential components to our evening!

Let’s see what next Friday brings… 😀


4 Responses to "Friday night fun"

Domino’s seems to be the hype now, huh?
The West Lake Review

i know! their flower display outside was something else…haha

hi megan every time i look at your blog you are either in a bar or celebrating a birthday, i just wondered if there were any vacancies out there ha ha xxx jean

hahahaha it has been a busy month for birthdays! one more to celebrate this week 🙂 we’re going to singapore this weekend and plan to check out the club scene there…haha monday to friday it’s the coffee and work routine, but maybe you should come out here! 😉

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