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It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Posted on: November 8, 2010

Saturday we went out for sushi in D1 to celebrate Laura’s birthday! Sadly, the birthday girl couldn’t join us with birthday drinks, but I do believe she managed to have a great night anyway! She seemed to love her birthday present from us – a gift certificate for the soon-to-open rock climbing gym near our apartments, and after dinner, Laura danced the night away at the tavern. Definitely an amazing evening, celebrating an amazing girl!

birthday girl Laura sure knows how to party!

Earlier Saturday afternoon, Wendy, Laura and I met at the salon for some pre-celebration pampering. I was in need of a hair cut and colour, but hey, if you’re there for one thing, you might as well keep going! While one of the guys was cutting my hair, one of the girls was giving me a pedi. I then had 2 guys applying hair colour. While the hair colour was setting in, the girl was back giving me an upper body massage (she did pause to make fun of me for almost falling asleep). When the time was up, she took me to the shampoo room, washed my hair and put a treatment on it. Then I got a facial massage and face mask – so relaxing! To finish it off, two more guys blow dried my hair! And the grand total for the 3.5 hours I spent at the salon was approximately $60USD ($45USD of that was for the hair colour alone). So crazy!

my new hair do

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, I woke up with a cold…nothing major, but seriously Asia – I’m getting a little tired of all of these illnesses! I haven’t even been here for 2 whole months yet, and to recap, I’ve had tummy troubles, tonsillitis, food poisoning, and now a cold…enough already!

I arrived home from work about half an hour ago. My xe om driver came back last week, so he was waiting for me when I came down from my family’s apartment. It was lightly raining, so I was a bit surprised to see him as I usually end up in a car taxi if it looks like it’s going to rain. I was, however, thankful he was there as getting a car taxi home from the apartment can be tricky! (There’s no taxi stand nearby, so I usually end up walking 10 minutes to the closest store where I know there will be taxis. Walking in Vietnam deserves a whole post itself, as this country is not designed for pedestrians. In short, “sidewalks” are uneven, used as parking for motorbikes, are home to chairs and tables from the cafes, and if traffic is busy on the road, watch out for motorbikes who decide that driving on the sidewalk is much faster.) About halfway to my apartment, the rain became much heavier than expected, so we pulled over in hopes of finding a rain poncho in the seat of the motorbike. There was no poncho to be found, so we climbed back on the bike and continued on our way. I don’t know what logic he was using, but he somehow decided that going faster in the rain was the best solution. Wet busy streets, and us speeding past other motorbikes was not the way I wanted to get home, but we arrived safe, sound and soaking wet!

Nothing too exciting planned for the rest of this week…Wendy and I leave for Hanoi (in north Vietnam) on Friday night after work, and Laura and her friend are joining us there on Saturday. Expect a blog post early next week after our weekend away!

leaving on a jet plane...we'll be back again on Sunday!


6 Responses to "It’s raining, it’s pouring…"

wow the new do looks AMAZING!

thanks liz! it’s so cheap to go there for a shampoo and blowdry i might do that on a weekly basis…lol…how will i ever transition back home?!

megan,hairdo looks amazing and seems so cheap
i really cant believe you are actually working . hope you have a good weekend can you send address so ican send card xx hope you keep free from any more ailmentsxxx love as always keep safe love jeanxxxx

hi jean! thanks πŸ™‚ we just got back from hanoi…i’m exhausted but had a great weekend! (blog to come this week!) i’ll send you an email asap as well! take care!

hi megan, have beentrying to speak with your mum as she has not called for a while , i know i read in your blog that carly had had an accident and i just wondered if everything was ok there
hope you are keeping well . love as always jean.

hi jean! she’s ok thankfully…no major damage to her or the car…they’re having a party for nanny as i type this, but when i talk to her tomorrow, i’ll tell her to get in touch with you! all is well here and thanks for continuing to read this thing! talk soon πŸ™‚

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