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Motorbike madness

Posted on: October 25, 2010

It was only a matter of time before I had to do a post on the unbelievable things that I’ve seen in this country, specifically relating to motorbikes! Unfortunately, I either never have my camera with me or I’m not quick enough to capture the magic. Therefore, any of this images in this blog are thanks to Google image search, but I promise they are pretty close to what I’ve actually seen!

It’s pretty typical here to spot motorbikes loaded up with various products, toys, large bottles of water, or crates of beer.

heavy load

beer crates

A few weeks ago, I spotted 2 people riding on a one seat bicycle. The amazing part was that each of them were working a pedal! Coming home from the airport after our trip to Singapore, we saw a girl riding side saddle on the back of a motorbike fast asleep. Incredibly, she managed to stay balanced and upright!

picture the girl on the back fast asleep...

Today was an exceptional day for motorbike madness! On my way to work this afternoon, I saw a man with a plastic pet carrier (small dog inside) bungee cord-ed to the back of his motorbike. I couldn’t help but laugh imagining my bundle of energy, Lexi, bouncing around on the back of a motorbike! Right behind the motorbike with the pet carrier, was an even more impressive load.

yup, 3 mattresses on the back of a motorbike!

This is so similar to the motorbike I saw, piled high with 3 mattresses, except the one I saw also had a pillow strapped to the very top of the pile! Talented and crazy, Vietnam drivers prove you don’t need a pickup truck to haul items around town! (Mom, the trunk of your Civic is looking pretty big now, eh?)

As a side note, I had my first awkward line of questioning from a taxi driver on my way home tonight. He started speaking to me in Vietnamese, and when he saw the look of panic on my face, he attempted English. It started off innocently…where you from? You work here? How long? When you go home? Then it got more personal…you come here with family? You married? Why you not married? No kids? Thankfully it stopped before he asked my age, weight or income!


5 Responses to "Motorbike madness"

Welcome to Saigon. Are you riding a motorbike yet?

haha not quite! the mom i work for laughs at the idea of me riding a motorbike, and i have to agree! i’ll ride on the back, but won’t pretend i’ll ever drive one!

It is not that bad. It took me over a month before I rode a motorbike here. Never regretted it since.

Welcome to Saigon.

haha i’ll keep you posted if i decide to learn to drive one…then you can clear the road!

thanks for the welcome!

Ok, thanks, I will be in the US for a couple months next month so that is the best time to ride. Get a red motorbike to hide the blood. 🙂

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